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Orisun Igbomina accuse Saraki, Ahmed of abandoning Afolayan

*Their followers will enjoy worse treatment *Afolayan’s death was avoidable id Saraki, Ahmed had supported him when he needed them most By Ayo Fasanmi, Ilorin Orisun Igbomina a socio cultural group of people of Kwara has described the death of the All Progressive Congress (APC) scribe, Hon. Yemi Afolayan as an immeasurable loss to the […]

NFF crisis: Nembe City fans storms Warri to seek audience with Isaac Danladi

*We shall also suspend Al-Makura, Nasarawa United FC By Olajide Fashikun Wednesday morning, fans of Nembe City FC of Nembe, a Premier League side, stormed our office to undertake a brief but peaceful demonstration against the Chairman of the Club Owners Association, Isaac Danladi, for assaulting their club for the alleged sins of the proprietor […]

Nigerian sports journalist gives wife helicopter as birthday gift

*Gives daughter, Beyonce, three continent holiday trip By Olajide Fashikun 13th September is her birthday. Her name is Mrs Teresa Chinyere Obuwelu. She is the wife of the London-based TV sports broadcaster, Chris Chinedu Obukwelu. Just as his wife got a rare brithday present the daughter, Beyonce, got hers too. Her loving husband surprised her […]

2015 elections: The kind of governor Kwara needs

From Abdulrauf Mohammed It is just a matter of weeks before political parties begin their congresses to elect candidates for various elective offices. These are very important processes in a democracy, which sadly Nigerians rarely pay sufficient attention to. The general election is the big one for many of us; probably the only time we […]

Benjamin Adekunle: the hero Nigeria does not deserve

From Kunle Famoriyo The death of Brigadier General Benjamin Adekunle provides a stark contrast between the great potentials of the past and the bleak future of the present. His death provides a timeline that shows two pictures: that Nigeria is not progressing due to its inability to preserve and replicate patriotism and that its life […]

Muazu, the pot of treachery and trust betrayed

*What really does Ahmadu Adamu Muazu want? (Part II) From Hassan Tukur Few days ago, the treatise titled: What Really Does Ahmadu Adamu Muazu Want? (Part One) made the rounds in the media, with a promise to follow through with the Part two without delay and make the evidence available to substantiate the claims made […]

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  • Afenifere urges devolution of powers, learn from Scot referendum

    Afenifere urges devolution of powers, learn from Scot referendum

    By Adejoke Bamidele, Lagos Afenifere Renewal Group has said Nigeria’s disintegration can only be averted if the wisdom now on display in the United Kingdom on devolution of power and self-determination would be brought urgently to play in the country’s governance model. In a press release signed by the group’s National Chairman, Olawale Oshun, ARG […]

  • NFF crisis: Baribote bombs Nasarawa governor, Tanko Al-Makura

    NFF crisis: Baribote bombs Nasarawa governor, Tanko Al-Makura

    *Replies Isaac Danladi’s tirades By Olajide Fashikun Victor Rumson Barbote has described the tirade of chairman of the Club Owners Association, Isaac Danladi, that he is not known to the Association as childish, sickening and a sign that Danladi does not understand that himself and Tanko Al-Makura, the Nasarawa state governor occupy the same strata […]

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